For Miguel, "we need an honest test with all variables explored"

[...] also i think ill find a college and do my own experiment on the effects on hookah smoking. governent officials and groups opposed to tobacco will do anything they can to smear anything tobacco related. id like to know the conditions of their "experiments". i refuse to believe that smoking the syrup vapors of fruit, honey and glycerine with indirect heat is more hazardous to your health than directly burning a cancer stick, intentionally fileld with carcogens, rat poison, TAR and who knows what else into your lungs. not to mention inhaling ashes of paper, breathing through cotton filters dyed with artificial colorings, only to leave more non-biodegradable garbage for land fill. we need an honest test with all variables explored.

i am working on an article, but this might take some time. i like to be thorough and accurate in anything i publish. any and all help is greatly appreciated, and of course if theres anything i can do, i am more than glad to do so.

wish us luck

[California, Jun 26, 2007]